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Junior Software Developer


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The Expedia family has a purpose which is every single day our goal is to help millions of travelers find that perfect destination, perfect accommodation, or perfect activity to make their trip...perfect. Our mission is to revolution travel through technology. Our team is responsible for extracting and producing information that enables this. We do this by working with massive data sets, and extracting meaningful information that ultimately helps customers get what they want, at the best possible prices.

What makes us Expedia? Our cultural norms:

We believe in being Different. We seek new ideas, different ways of thinking, diverse backgrounds and approaches, because averages can lie and sameness is dangerous. Because of this belief, our norms aren't rules or universal at all corners of our company. But they are important to our identity and how we work together. Like our company, these norms will evolve.

We are Transparent. We communicate openly and honestly, at all levels, upwards, sideways and downwards. We surface difficult issues quickly, we act, we learn.

We organize for Speed. We seek to gather data as fast as possible, and move. Speed allows us to make mistakes and constantly improve.

We believe in the Scientific Method. Everyone's ideas are equal in the face of hard data. We use data to guide but not define our actions.

We Lead Humbly. Our leaders serve their teams. None of us has all of the answers, but we are curious and we are always looking to learn. Though our leaders take their responsibilities to our business and their teams incredibly seriously, they never take themselves too seriously.

We act as One Team. We look to optimize for the greater good, not just our own, or even our own teams' interests. We are actively interested in the success of others.

Junior Software Developer

Job description:

Are you someone who wants to be a part of our team? Then keep on reading.

We are looking for a passionate, creative problem solver and enthusiastic software developer to join our development team in Geneva. You will be accountable for developing, improving, troubleshooting and maintaining this ecosystem, with exposure to a wide set of technologies, and challenging business contexts.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Be part of a central technical team that supports several other teams (technical and product)

  • Work with a wide set of technologies to best serve the use cases (cloud, big data, .net, sql, web development)

  • Contribute to develop scalable, resilient and performant applications

  • Full-stack orientation: although data is our core business, we are a full stack team that follows data from its raw state, to the way it's presented to our users.

  • Take ownership of your work

  • Monitor and support our applications

Required profile:

Qualifications you'll need:

  • Proven experience in UI web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, Knockout, React, Typescript) and their patterns

  • Database knowledge: Relational, performance troubleshooting and optimization

  • Proficiency in Object-Oriented Design Development

  • Experience working with Agile/Scrum methodologies

  • Value team work and collaboration

  • Eager to learn new technologies and deliver iterative results quickly

  • Critical thinking: there are always options; you will be adept at identifying them, evaluating options and concisely communicate them to your peers.

Other qualities we value:

  • Familiarity with the AWS ecosystem

  • Experience with NoSQL database

  • Experience with Big Data (ETL tools, MapReduce)

  • Experience in working with large scaled applications

What we offer:

In addition to a competitive salary and benefits package you will also:

  • Work for a company that is embracing the changes and that is evolving very fast. You will never be bored

  • Be in contact with the customers and see how your work bring value to the business

  • Work on new technologies

  • We have time allocated to do some research & development

  • We are choosing the best technologies that fit our needs (cloud, application, databases)

  • Understand and see what working with Big Data is

  • Be in a company that really take care of is employees

  • Advantages (travel discounts; Wellness and Fitness Reimbursement)

  • Good work life balance

  • Have a good working environment

  • Tools and hardware you need to succeed

  • Nice office and location close to the town center

  • Dress code is casual informal

  • Mountains all around (Skiing; Hiking...)

  • Work in a multicultural English speaking and writing environment

  • Work in a cosmopolitan environment with passionate people

  • Can grow your career even outside of Switzerland (Expedia has offices everywhere)