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8051 Zürich
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Mitarbeiter CH: 10
Branche: Medizinaltechnik
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At the foundation of the company are two engineers (EPFL/ETHZ) based in Zürich and two medical doctors active in Suisse romande hospitals.

We aspire to develop products –software– which allow professionals to do more through the enhancement of their ability to solve problems, whether they are logical or creative tasks. We believe a smart change in perspective is worth countless efforts and strive to build catalytic tools that permit such leaps.

We believe that small, driven teams are the best vector to achieve such goals, and that a company’s organic growth is the best way to build these teams. Offering utmost-quality solutions with long-term support to our clients, whom we work tightly with, is key as well. Hence our focus on full “home-grown” B2B applications which sustain our enterprise in addressing gradually more fundamental problems. Our current flagship product is a successful Web-based ERP solution for Swiss ophthalmologists.

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