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Software Engineer (m/f) .NET/C# or Boost/C++

Selectron Systems AG

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Software Engineer

Job opportunity

Are you Agile?
We are currently hiring a
Software Engineer (m/f) .NET/C# or Boost/C++
For the development and maintenance of innovative PC desktop tools and web applications for the
train market using Microsoft .NET/C# and/or Boost/C++ technologies, agile frameworks and

Essential technical skills: ? Significant development experience with .NET/C# and/or Boost/C++ ? Significant test experience writing unit-tests, system-tests and regression tests for defects ? Significant experience with technical best practices (eXtreme Programming, SOLID principles) ? Experience with test-first development (test driven development) ? Experience with identification and resolution of code smells and technical debt through refactoring ? Experience with version control (SubVersioN, Git) and continuous integration (TeamCity) ? Experience with agile estimation and breaking down work items in smaller pieces of work that can be done in one day or less
Essential soft skills: ? High motivation and strong discipline to apply rigorously and consistently test-first development techniques: ATDD (acceptance test driven development) and TDD (test driven development) ? People helper: you always practice active listening and are available to answer questions, discuss alternatives and to argument pros and cons factually and respectfully with your colleagues ? Pragmatic and quality driven problem solver: you take great pride in the quality of your work and to deliver on time, ensuring that the produced increment performs according to the definition of done ? Knowledge gatherer and sharer: you enjoy learning, improving and finding ways to feed intelligence back to your colleagues as well as into the products you work on ? Communication, feedback, simplicity, courage, respect and collaboration (pair-programming) are your key values and you already applied them in an agile environment (XP, Scrum)
Your profile: ? Bachelor or Master’s Degree or equivalent in a software discipline ? Several years of professional experience in software development ? Positive, enthusiast, loyal, committed and assertive ? German or French as mother tongue, with good knowledge of the other language ? Good technical knowledge in English: ability to read technical publications, books and documentation and to write user stories with acceptance criteria and short technical help files for
the features implemented
Please send your application to:
Selectron Systems AG, Merita Wohlgensinger, Human Resources, phone +41 32 387 61 61,
mail: jobs@selectron.ch www.selectron.ch