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Global Training & Education Manager

Institut Straumann AG

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Straumann partners with passionate people who fit in with the agile dynamics of our size-for­success company. People at Straumann appreciate the opportunity to shape our future and cre­ate impact. Encouraging leadership and inspiring ideas from our people has guided us through our proud history of pioneering innovations.For our highly skilled Global Training & Education Management Team, which is a part of our Customer Marketing Organization located at our Headquarters in Basel we are currently looking for a passionate, creative and innovation-driven Global Training & Education Manager.

In this exciting role you will be responsible for the successful commercialization of our products and solutions from a training and education perspective and interact with various stakeholders including our Global and Local Product Managers, Customer Solutions Managers, Instructors, Medical Marketing Team, Sales and Marketing Managers and KOLs. You will play a central role in enabling our staff, speakers and various customer groups to understand, properly use and eventually effectively sell our products based on consistent, high-quality and up-to-date learning content using a mix of different learning solutions. You will report to Head of Global Training and Education.

Global Training & Education Manager

Staff training: define, prepare, implement and follow-up effective onboarding,
new product launch and continuous refresher trainings & tailor trainings to
specific target groups
Customer education: develop curriculum blueprint for Straumann educational
offering as base for local adaptation & work with ITI to develop ITI
post-graduate education curriculum
Speaker enablement: define needs of different speaker categories (including Key
Opinion Leaders, ITI Study Club Directors) with respect to support in the areas
of teaching content and material as well as speaker development
Learning formats and technologies: Define and develop suitable blended learning
mix for each target group with special focus on integration of online learning
platforms to optimize classroom time
Work with relevant Product Managers, Customer Solution Manager and others (e.g.
external speakers) to develop consistent, scalable and didactically sound
learning content for different target groups, learning formats and learning
objectives for existing and new products / solutions (i.e. product features and
benefits, practice building blueprint and material)
Conduct and/or support courses for different target groups
Support Product Development Projects & leverage clinical expertise to support
product development
Manage various projects and new initiatives as they emerge