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Head Product Development CADCAM

Institut Straumann AG

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Straumann partners with passionate people who fit in with the agile dynamics of our size-for-success company. People at Straumann appreciate the opportunity to shape our future and create impact. Encouraging leadership and inspiring ideas from our people has guided us through our proud history of pioneering innovations.

The role of the Head Product Development CADCAM is the lead of the Product Development Group for CADCAM solutions. In particular the development and/or improvement of prosthetic components related to a digital workflow.

This pivotal position works in interdisciplinary teams with members in several departments such as Software Development, Design Engineering, Technical Services, Research, Clinical Research, IP/legal, QA/RA, Risk Management, Supply Chain and Production under consideration of time, quality and economical aspect. Also the position works with customers, universities and external consultants (e.g. medical advisers)

The position reports to the Head Product Development RDO. The function is based at our Headquarter in Basel and requires moderate travelling.

Head Product Development CADCAM

Lead and develop Development Group CADCAM
Ensures appropriate staffing of projects with product development engineers
Ensures communication pathway to other stakeholders in particular to the
software development group
Supports Head Product Development RDO in translating the corporate strategy
into clear tactics and well managed projects
Provides appropriate technical support to projects
Performs technical projects under consideration of the Straumann Product
Development Process (PDP)
Responsible for the corresponding cost center budget
Supports the Head Product Development RDO in developing and maintaining the
Straumann Product Development Process (PDP), in particular aspects for digital
Supports Head Product Development RDO in consolidate resource planning and
resolve resource conflicts between projects
Lead, supervise and monitor development project in respect to
Enforce compliance to regulations and internal processes
Establish uniform tool set and best practices in product development