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Hardstrasse 219
8005 Zürich
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Mitarbeiter CH: 15
Branche: Informatik/ Telekommunikation
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Open Web Technology is a Geneva based company founded in 2008. We are a technology and strategy consulting firm that develops and implements strategies concerning the sourcing and management of innovative online digital services for the Telecommunication and Media industries.

We help our clients to rapidly establish innovative and measurable communication channels (e.g. personal computer and browser, mobile, social networks, TV and radio, search and recommendation engine, etc.), and quickly assemble scalable on-line solutions.

We have comprehensive experience and great consultants who have contributed to the success of leading consulting firms and interactive agencies (Cambridge Technology Partners, Accenture, Optaros, McKinsey), and who have accumulated hands-on expertise on quickly assembling and operating on-line solutions.

We leverage Open Standards and Software, and Cloud Computing for dynamic applications, taking advantage of standards and interoperability.

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